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Tod's presentation - Tattoo Collection with Saira Hunjan

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In the surroundings of the parisian fashion week, the house of tods presented its boutique on the rue du faubourg saint honoré, tod’s new tattoo project, made in collaboration with the indian tattoo artist saira hunjan (the star’s favorite tattoo artist). a limited edition, celebrating savoir-faire and art, proposing a selection of bags, trainers, and loafers revisited with a lion engraved on the leather. interview with saira hunjan :the conversation about how can we use the idea of tattoos and translate it into a luxury product.the idea was for me to produce and tattoo the handbags and from there it evolved very organically as wellit was very nice to go to the factories in italy and work with the artisans because they’re so knowledgeable about everything there is to know, they were there to help me. so this was great to find the process that will work best together. there may be some people who aren’t so confident about having the tattoos themselves but now it’s nice to translate the work into a product which they can actually wear without it being something permanent on their skin. music free of right : bandit & nikit